The price of the old J3 full specifications

Samsung Galaxy New J3- to make with competitors in the low-end market share target of errant entry. Because this crime inasmuch as when Middle current issues prepared galaxi series called a continuation of his new success brought by his class on the previous week. Seemed desirous there asking questions how is the story of a continuation of this new series?

Tiktak in savory new Samsung Galaxy J3 brings a nice added spec in the appeal of his classmate. The revelation is not a figment of the thumb of sheer foolishness and there is a leakage that has been issued by the legal GFXBench of the page where the most obvious standout is the growing size of the screen of our great ujikan product before. The leak also burgeoning spec then there is a FCC certifications carded olehny. Only the specifications set by the client or J3 sought Smart some fans? Check out the review of the good good described!
Specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy J3

The Super Amoled Screen

Drastic changes are nice and fresh by the successor to the Samsung Galaxy that J1 or J2, can be sure that this prime generation gadget after then would come the Super Amoled screen has a size of 5 inches. That quality makes extending the screen so the maximum as well as look more kling and resulted in a more natural color. Information about a clarity not yet closely with the surrounding design on Galaxy new J3. A definite material to reliable local authorities still consistently comes to rely the plastic material with the back side of unproductive too rough easily stick on the hands.

The formidable machine

Determination of the low prices make a colourful feature or spec that is poured on the new Samsung Galaxy J3, is devoted to the medium.  A surprise given the local vendors where series J3 would bring balanced hardware with other Galaxi. Equality appears from there is Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset deployment 410 with 4 core atom-powered Quad Core 1. 2 GHz 64 Bit Computing and apply. and the creation of the force deployment more efficient batteries.

Remember and How Surgery Implanted also 1 GB of RAM for a work resource on Samsung Galaxy J3 makin rapidly in play feature or application with the method of hand in hand. But unfortunately its internal memory of 8 GB to just to keep growing many applications need to provide addition memory via microSD. If memory in full got going to inhibit prowess to multitasking

The leak also appears in terms of spec implementation that is already trusted by the teenager is now Android 5. 1.1 's Lollipop and dibumbuhi by the TouchWiz UI.  Performing practical with delivered standard appearance typical of Samsung Galaxy J3 as determination of power saving mode themes, as well as the application of the smart manager.

Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy J3 update it, yet no legitimate news from an issuing party. But most likely his skills would exist under 3000 mAh.


Surely an android gadget has been semesti there are connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi, microUSB and GPS. But a feture on your Samsung Galaxy J3 also complement the bringing of the Fed. To the side of photography, most major camera on this smartphone is of 8 MP-capable record videos that have a quality Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. Plus Autofocus, LED Flash and Face detection. For the front side of the camera the camera 5 MP berlensa.

Price Of Samsung Galaxy J3

Up to now there has been no information with legitimate price of systems Galaxy J3. But considering its predecessors devoted to low-class entry, so it may just be the price below designate J3 2 millions.

Updated: check prices on Samsung Galaxy
New price: us $1.9 millions
Second price: Rp. 1 .. 5 Millions

Advantages and Disadvantages of Galaxy J3

Advantages that belonged to Samsung Galaxy J3 Amoled screen i.e. super, balanced chipset Galaxy camera resolution as well as the J5 were great.

The drawback that we find on the Galaxy J3 has a central memory skills and endurance of batteries which are less bulky. About breakthrough leakage Samsung Galaxy new J3, wait for the next week.

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